About Foodie Team

Foodie is a network of italian professionals who have a great passion in common: they’re all crazy for food.

Our purpose is to communicate the huge patrimony of food and wine cultures from all over the world, from our own traditions to the furthest of the planet. A legacy of excellence developed by men and nature working together through the centuries. The rest is culture, science and art.

Who we are

Pina Sozio

pina sozio foodie.itNative of Irpinia, land of the big earthquake of 1980 and some of the best wines in the world. Journalist, she has been jumping from radio to video, dealing with wars and global warming. But gastronomy is her true obsession: maybe because her crazy irresponsible parents have practically grown her in a trattoria? Anyway, today this is her job.
She writes for various magazines and for Gambero Rosso guides. She travels, tastes and cultivates the land.

Contact: pina.sozio@gmail.com

Laura Di Pietrantonio

Laura Di Pietrantonio foodie italian blog Native of Marche Region, Laura loves eating, cooking and drink good wines and beers. She is a web designer, a journalist and a cooking teacher (AICI). Laura manages her Wine&Food Web Agency (Laboratoriodel Gusto) and writes for Foodie to tell the story of italian excellences.


Contact: laura.dipietrantonio@foodie.it